Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yebisu Black

Yebisu Black beer is brewed in Japan by Sapporo Breweries.  I tried Yebisu Black while I was in Hong Kong in March of 2007.

Here is a Beer Advocate review and a RateBeer review.


Baja is a lager brewed in Guatemala by Cerveceria Centro Americana.  I first tried Baja in the September of 2006 in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Here is a little more info and a review about Baja Lager.  The photo below is from a blog that appears to be from the same person who wrote the Beer Advocate review.

Here is a Beer Advocate review and a RateBeer review.

Trail Ridge Red

Trail Ridge Red is brewed by Estes Park Brewery in Estes Park, Colorado.  I first tried Trail Ridge Red in the summer of 2006 after my best friend's wedding, which took place a short way south of Estes Park.  Trail Ridge Red is a play on words with the road that transits nearby Rocky National Park, which is Trail Ridge Road.  Based on the Estes Park Brewing website and the image below, it appears they have changed the name from Trail Ridge Red to Redrum Ale.

Here is a Beer Advocate review and a RateBeer review.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shiner Hefeweizen

Shiner Hefeweizen is brewed in Shiner, Texas by the Spoetzl Brewery, which is owned by Gambrinus.  I first tried Shiner Hefeweizen in 2002 or 2003 while living in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Here is a Beer Advocate review and a RateBeer review.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Henry Weinhard's Summer Ale

What is the opposite of winter as we are experiencing now...summer beer! OK, it isn't really summer beer but what would summer be without summer beer? Henry Weinhard's Summer Ale is brewed by Henry Weinhard's (Blitz-Weinhard Brewing), which is part of SAB Miller. I first tried Henry Weinhard's Summer Ale in the summer of 2009 in Seattle, Washington.

Here is a Beer Advocate review and a RateBeer review.

Windhoek Draught

Windhoek Draught is brewed in Namibia by Namibia Breweries.  I first tried Windhoek Draught the first day I was in Namibia.  I flew into Windhoek, rented my car, setup my stuff at The Cardboard Box and then went off to Joe's Beer House.  

Here is a Beer Advocate review and a RateBeer review.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sparks Light

Sparks Light was part of the Sparks line of flavored malt beverages brewed by MillerCoors.  I first tried Sparks Light in the spring of 2009 in Seattle, Washington.  Here is a little more about the previous Sparks products when they had caffeine.
Here is a brief review of Sparks Light.

Sparks Plus

Sparks Plus was a part of the Sparks flavored malt beverage line brewed by MillerCoors.  I tried Sparks Plus in the winter/spring of 2009 in Seattle, Washington.  I have also posted about Sparks and Sparks Iced Tea on this blog in the past.

Here is a little more about this beverage.


Sparks is part of the Sparks line of malt beverages that are brewed by MillerCoors.  A handful of years ago, Sparks was one of the early caffeinated flavored malt beverages, though they have since removed the caffeine from the formula as most others of that type of product.  I first tried Sparks in early 2009 in Seattle, Washington.

Here is a 2006 review from when the Sparks had caffeine.

Caldera Lawnmower Lager

Lawnmower Lager is part of the small batch Kettle Series brewed by Caldera Brewing in Ashland, Oregon.  Most of the brews I have had from Caldera were in their cans but Lawnmower Lager was the first one I found or tried in a bottle.  I first tried Lawnmower Lager in the fall of 2010 in Seattle, Washington.
Here is a Beer Advocate review and a RateBeer review.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Creatures Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pale Ale is brewed by Little Creatures Brewing in Fremantle, Australia. I had Little Creatures Pale Ale while I was visiting my Australian friends and traveling around southern Australia in November of 2007.

Hahn Super Dry

Hahn Super Dry is brewed by Hahn Brewing in Camperdown, New South Wales as part of Lion Nathan. I first tried Hahn Super Dry in November, 2007 while visiting friends in Australia. Here are a few fun advertisements for Hahn Super Dry.

Devil Dog Imperial IPA

Devil Dog Imperial IPA is brewed by Laughing Dog Brewing in Sandpoint, Idaho. I first tried Devil Dog in the spring of 2010 in Seattle, Washington. I have a new appreciation for the Devil Dog and I really need to try it again soon since I have an 8-month puppy that is quite devilish.

Noggin Floggin

Noggin Floggin is a barleywine ale brewed by Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland Oregon. I found Noggin Floggin at PCC in West Seattle in mid-December and I tried this beer on Christmas eve 2011.

McRogue Scotch Ale

McRogue Scotch Ale is brewed by Rogue Brewing in Oregon. I first tried McRogue in November 2011 in Seattle, Washington. When I was in Portland during late October, 2011 I got one of their XS bottles at the Rogue distillery in Portland.